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Ítem Preview Author Date
Conscious Artillery The item has similar characteristics to other pieces of artillery, however, it has an electromechanical system inside which is connected to a small computer located in the outer right section of it… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 28 Jan 2017
Bird Briefcase The item is an old briefcase apparently covered with cowhide leather, from the decade of the 30s with apparent deterioration by time… carabina30carabina30 7 Feb 2017
Knife of The Dead Man The item is a short-range knife with a short needle-tipped blade and a handle made of engraved bone terminated at one end in the shape of a skull… Yorick1Yorick1 13 Jul 2017
Red Star The ítem is a Nagant M1895 revolver of Belgian and Russian manufacture. The revolver shows signs of deterioration through the passage of time, however it keeps all its mechanical parts functional… Yorick1Yorick1 8 Aug 2017
Midas Glove The item is a white mens glove made of cotton from the Victorian era. When the item is used to touch any living organic object it will transform it into solid gold… Yorick1Yorick1 6 Oct 2017
Ludovic Drug The article is a heterogeneous substance whose chemical composition has not yet been possible to explain… Yorick1Yorick1 13 Nov 2017
Guardian Lion The article a statue with the appearance of an African lion… carabina30carabina30 10 Feb 2018
Removable Memory It is a psychotherapy machine similar to a modern brain scanner but with electromechanical properties… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 06 Mar 2018
Black Liquid Mirror The article is a mirror of unknown origin. The design of the silver frame could not be linked to a specific point of origin. Once the properties of the elements are activated, the article will try to produce a replica of the being that activated its effect… Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat 2 Apr 2018

Insurgency Files

Tale Sample Author Date
A Day without "Luck" There is always a relationship of origin, this means that although a group or a population change always remember its beginning, this is the relationship that can be found even in mathematics between the factors and the product… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 9 Jun 2017
A Day without "Luck", Part II In the war there are 4 important factors to win, Intelligence, Logistics, Troops and Armament. However our advantage in modern warfare is the fifth factor: the Anomalies… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 11 Jul 2017
Backdoor On March 30, 2017 we received an attack on our main servers revealing a vulnerability in their security… Tak_RiutoTak_Riuto 11 Apr 2017
Seminar on Research and Acquisition of Potential Items Good afternoon everyone. Let me introduce myself: I am Doctor Martín Caduceus. Yes, Caduceus. No "Caduceos" as some researchers I know insist on putting in the reports they send me… Yorick1Yorick1 14 Jul 2017
Installation File Base-7 Base 7 was created as part of the Insurgency's expansion program, becoming the first automated installation of the Insurgency outside the United States… Yorick1Yorick1 19 Jul 2017
Suspicious Agreement, Interview with Agent OSI The cold could be felt throughout the entire installation…in that place I could hardly tell if it was because of the weather or the ventilation system, anyway it did not matter because all my senses were diverted towards that exquisite hot steam from the roasted coffee… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 21 Jul 2017
List of Persons of Interest This is a partial list with the most relevant People of Interest and most important for the Insurgency… Yorick1Yorick1 10 Aug 2017
Intermediate Management Officer Westman reviewed the files again. A German man in a top position of the Foundation was a cause for concern. 1933 was a bad year. Henry Sommergrün was a mystery to him… Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat 10 Aug 2017
Record of Lost Anomalies This is a list of all the Chaos Insurgency anomalies that have been lost in action or stolen by other Groups of Interest… Yorick1Yorick1 2 Oct 2017
Special Teams The Special Teams are the designation given to the Insurgent Teams that have been created specifically to carry out missions of great importance for the Insurgency… Yorick1Yorick1 2 Oct 2017
Armament Here is a list of equipment and armament of the personnel of the Chaos Insurgency… Yorick1Yorick1 3 Oct 2017
Rapid Response Team "The Saints" Protection and defense of operations of the Insurgency. Escort and reinforcement for acquisition, implementation and recovery team… Yorick1Yorick1 10 Oct 2017
Recruitment Team "Bad Tongue" Specialized team to recruit mercenaries or people with military experience, operate in countries in conflict to search for potential assets for the Insurgency… Yorick1Yorick1 31 Oct 2017
History of the Chaos Insurgency Before starting who is reading this you should be aware of the implications that will come with the knowledge obtained from the following file… Yorick1Yorick1 1 Nov 2017
Log of the Person of Interest 005 Little is known about PoI-005. It is not even certain that PoI-005 is a person… Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat 19 Nov 2017
The Wintergreen Protocol In everywhere it is believed that a few must govern the many. In everywhere it's about how much good one or the other can do… Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat 19 Nov 2017
Ex-Agent Blake Project leader of the "Corvus ocultus." Due to the conflict of interest in the project Blake was dismissed from his positions in 1922… carabina30carabina30 27 Dec 2017
Ex-Agent Blair Second major perpetrator of Blake's uprising, he is guilty of the elimination of at least █ anomalous humanoids within the facility… carabina30carabina30 27 Dec 2017
Anomalous Security and Neutralization Team "The Wolfs" On-site Security and Abnormal Antipersonnel Operations… carabina30carabina30 14 Jan 2018
Large Scale and Heavy Support Assault Team "Unit 31" They carry out large-scale assaults and provide heavy support to the infantry… carabina30carabina30 21 Jan 2018
Protocol of Defense against Government and Military Organizations The following document explains the steps that each agent must take to deal with organizations that represent a threat to the interests of the Insurgency… Yorick1Yorick1 27 Feb 2018
Esoteric Document ALFA/17 The "Construction" is much more than just resurrecting the dead. Whoever practices the art of creating monsters of flesh is called himself Architect… Yorick1Yorick1 25 Mar 2018
Orientation of the Department of Thaumatology and Hidden Artifacts Welcome to the first conference, of many that are expected to be made, from the Department of Thaumatology and Hidden Artifacts. In our first talk we will focus on talking about what in the department we call "Cultural Perception of Thaumaturgy"… Yorick1Yorick1 22 Jun 2018
Market of a Thousand Languages Center of Marketing, Contraband and recreational place, for the different Insurgent cells affiliated to the Corvus authority… carabina30carabina30 22 Jun 2018
Neutralization and Infiltration Team "Red Shadow" Operations of Neutralization and Infiltration of GoIs… carabina30carabina30 8 Jul 2018
Seminar About Corvus Hello good morning to all those present, my name is…of course I can not say my name, but do not worry, my last name is Zaragoza, Dr. Zaragoza… carabina30carabina30 14 Jul 2018
Dr. Casimir Van Welter El hospital abandonado fue ideal para sus propósitos. En las jarras de cada pared nadaba lo que quedaba de sus pacientes… Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat 27 Aug 2018
Hunt. Part 1 The night had just fallen on Base-7, the stars adorned the sky of that desert, the guards lit some cigarettes, to lessen the cold that was present and have fun with the figures that made the smoke of the cigars. The peaceful silence of the night was interrupted… carabina30carabina30 10 Sep 2018
File Registry of the "Bloody Harvest" Incident The following are a series of documents related to the initial investigation around the events that occurred on ██/██/██… Yorick1Yorick1 21 Sep 2018
Proposal for the Delta Command To begin the protocol, you must have strong evidence about the betrayal of Corvus… carabina30carabina30 21 Dec 2018
File SRK-F.Ezkarra F. Ezkarra, using his mental faculties positively, he voluntarily enrolls in the King's Special Fusiliers Society… carabina30carabina30 2 Jan 2019
File SRK- Camp Report Apparently the Nazis were looking for a kind of artifact among the dunes of the desert, the nature and importance of this artifact is uncertain, but we can assume that it is a valuable object, to have sacrificed about 10 of its men… carabina30carabina30 4 Jan 2019
Jaeger A dark abyss opened above him. The most terrible of all the disgusting sensations that he felt that day, but now taking a tangible form… Yorick1Yorick1 12 Jan 2019
Patrimonial Document 8017 I propose this initiative to you, my dear gentlemen of the Operations Council, so that we can give our enemies a lesson in what it is to meddle with England and her Royalty herself… Yorick1Yorick1 18 Jan 2019
A Journey to the 30s New York, the best city in the world; the smell of cigarettes, the immense number of people walking through the streets, those new cars that moved through the great avenues and prostitutes in the corners, how not to love this city… carabina30carabina30 19 Jan 2019


The history of the Project Corvus begins during the pre-separation, around 1923, where the Insurgency created by the O5 created a project called Corvus Ocultus, where several smart SCPs already studied and cataloged by the Foundation were removed from contention by personnel Allied to the first Insurgency and gathered to form a means to help humanity, and thus give more realism to the CI.

Now you are here, you have given your life for a future, for our future. From now on you are an agent of the new order. You will be directed to a Corvus Cell, you will fulfill the objectives that are ordered to you and you will live as a Corvus Agent.

During 1928, the then administrator R. Blake, was supervising the Corvus Ocultus project, when he realized the truth: the Insurgency was a lie created by the Foundation and soon all members of Corvus, would be killed. When trying to warn his companions, Blake was captured, but managed to break and make an uprising against the fake Insurgency.

But after so many obstacles, lies and contempt, we the anomalous will claim what is ours, the world. It will no longer: Securing, Protecting, Containing, nor will we be guided by Chaos, we will be a "Family". We will help, we will protect and we will dominate.

Project Corvus