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Ítem Preview Author Date
Conscious Artillery The item has similar characteristics to other pieces of artillery, however, it has an electromechanical system inside which is connected to a small computer located in the outer right section of it… DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda 28 Jan 2017
Bird Briefcase The item is an old briefcase apparently covered with cowhide leather, from the decade of the 30s with apparent deterioration by time… carabina30carabina30 7 Feb 2017
Knife of The Dead Man The item is a short-range knife with a short needle-tipped blade and a handle made of engraved bone terminated at one end in the shape of a skull… Yorick1Yorick1 13 Jul 2017
Red Star The ítem is a Nagant M1895 revolver of Belgian and Russian manufacture. The revolver shows signs of deterioration through the passage of time, however it keeps all its mechanical parts functional… Yorick1Yorick1 8 Aug 2017
Ludovic Drug The article is a heterogeneous substance whose chemical composition has not yet been possible to explain… Yorick1Yorick1 13 Nov 2017

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