Suspicious Agreement, Interview with Agent OSI
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Part I, Dr. Dimitri Lambda.

The cold could be felt throughout the installation. In that place I could hardly know if it was the weather or the ventilation system, it didn't matter anyway because all my senses were diverted towards that exquisite hot steam of roasted coffee. Nothing else mattered at that time so I decided to enjoy that little moment with a cigarette.

As I lit the cigarette and looked through that glass-reflector at that guy, who had unbelievably not moved an inch in the last 15 minutes, I wondered how much longer he would still be there.

The room he was in was simply made up of a desk and two chairs while one dim light illuminated only the table and a part of the subject chained to the chair. And to finish the gloomy white color of the room it was the stroke of luck. Nobody absolutely sane could spend more than 5 minutes in there, even for me it was uncomfortable to enter. All thanks to the fucking project of "White Torture". I don't know who will have thought of it.

Don't hesitate for a second and take a sip of my coffee, slowly approach me towards the mirror and whisper to the technician next to me.

- "Slowly turn up the lights in the room. Then turn it off and turn them on to the maximum."

I wanted to get him out of his immovable routine and as the lights changed and concentration took hold of me, I was looking for a movement, just one. However, the bastard remained motionless.

I had no choice but to puff on my cigarette and concentrate for a brief second until I managed to watch him move his face to his corner and look at the glass where we were. Exhale the smoke and said cheerfully:

- "Ok, let's begin!"

I entered the room slowly and calmly, there was no rush. I got to the desk and positioned myself in front of it, staring at it; The guy was staring into nothingness with his eyes lost. I stood and stood at the desk, sipping some of my coffee. Without any reply I coughed to make my presence known. It also remained immovable. I think I will have to use something more persuasive.

I grabbed the chair from the backrest and spun it around to the side, and to tell the truth the sound of the chair made more noise than normal, but it was enough for the guy to make a little jump.

- "Excuse me, it won't happen again."

The only sign of life he showed was that involuntary drive. However, he needed something more. I put my right arm on my back and lit another cigarette, but not before taking out another. Take the pack and drop it with enough force to make it sound. The Agent this time quickly glanced at the sound. Apparently the guy was attentive and perhaps a little nervous.

I held the second cigarette in front of him. Finally in the midst of total silence and after a couple of puffs I kindly addressed myself.

- "Go grab one and relax for a while, I don't come with bad intentions. I bring good news."

- "… well … I think I need one …"

- "I will do you a favor" - I light the cigarette, maintaining eye contact, however he was not able to keep my gaze.

He hadn't earned much, but the cigarette would serve as an excellent front door. I stood up and began to wander around the room as I addressed him in a characteristic friendly tone.

- "Well, a friend of mine not very close indicated that you will have a unique opportunity… an opportunity that calmly and willingly will help us both, do you understand? If you help me, I will give you what you want."

I could see through the reflecting mirror that the guy, despite ignoring me, kept his eyes on me every second as if he wanted to beat me to pieces at that very moment. He was not cooperating and had to use something more effective. Luckily he still had an ace up his sleeve. I decided to move closer to me and enter his comfort zone, I went to his side and put my hand on his lower back as a sign of confidence, finally took a sip of my coffee and offered him a little.

- "If you want, I'll give it to you, I've already had a lot. Coffee can help you relax despite its apparent effect."

The Agent tried to move his chained hands, however, upon discovering how limited his movements were by that, he simply made a sound of resignation coming from his windpipe as if he stopped speaking.

- "To what I'm going. I made a couple of calls and they cost me a couple of favors but they gave me permission to talk to your family. But first things first. I promise to let go of your chains, give you this coffee and share a cigarette if you change you promise to talk a little bit. "

- "…all right…"

More than five minutes had passed and he had not spoken more than three words, he had to try something more concise and the options were over. Untie his handcuffs and proceeded to put them away. Finally I sat back down and started the real interview.

- "I introduce myself, I am Dimitri Lambda and I suppose you already know who I am."

- "…if you are from Corvus… you come to try to make me cooperate…"

- "Yes but… of course I'm from Corvus but I want you to understand that the things that have happened can change if you collaborate with us. I can assure you personally, even I feel just as nervous as you in this room" - At that moment I removed a couple of cigarettes and gave one to the Agent.

- "…first… I need to know if they are alive."

- "That I can assure you."

- "Lies… ¡LIES!"

- "Easy. I understand your situation but please remember what we talked about."

The Agent sighs and calms down considerably.

- "I need to talk to them before I start agreeing terms."

I was in a very particular situation, the guy knew how to play his cards. And I mine. Yet he must remember why he was here, not out of mercy. By duty.

- "You will talk to them but there is a small condition…"

- "¡No!… no conditions, I just need to talk to them…"

- "Well if it's what you want so much you will have it but just remember not to talk about this…"

I go for a mobile and dial the lucky number. As he dialed, the ring became increasingly long and undefined, everything depended on his answering. It rang again and I was wondering, maybe I called at the wrong time?

Finally the ring stops and I hear a sweet female voice from the other end of the line.

- "Hello?"

And without more she passed the cell phone to the Agent.

- "I hope that the sweet talk has helped you clear your mind. Now, remember that I am willing to help you to speak to your family every month, and that you have a better life condition for your service to Corvus."

- "How do you assure me it will be like that? There is no way that people like you can keep their word… I have already seen and lived it before."

- "As long as you cooperate I assure you that your family will be fine and that you will have a couple of comforts such as a room for you alone…"

- "…I don't know… you lie…"

- "You must understand that the world you knew no longer exists. There is something that you don't know yet. There are people who will really make you suffer. You must understand, to what extent you believe that all this has been in vain, to what extent they depend on you."

Since he depended on them, on his family. It really made my stomach churn to think about how that man remained sane even in the face of all these adversities. It made me feel guilty in a way. But I had to leave the last chip on the field before all this ended.

- "I know there have been a lot of news and that you can hardly believe me but I will leave you my card, if you change your mind, say out loud what it says and I will assist you to keep my word."

What was special about that card? the truth is that almost nothing, simply if the correct word was recited, the GPS would be activated and it would mean that OSI is willing to cooperate.

The word was "Corvus Ocultus".

Part II, Agent OSI

Again I was handcuffed to in a typical interrogation room. White as usual. I really didn't know why this time, but to tell the truth, that room only showed the true nature of these bureaucratic bastards. I must concentrate. I feel the data, its energy but I can't quite see it. Like the dim light on me.

Despite the feeling of loneliness that caused me the endless sessions in the white room, this time there was something different: I managed to feel a slight tickling in my body, I knew what it meant but I ignored it. Those desires to send everything to shit, that usual tremor that grew every day. But that tingling continued, this time it was different. I do not know what to believe; In this place I had nothing left but that tickle and the hope of seeing them again.

Finally I feel an even tingling sensation followed by a change in the lights. These light up until they cannot. Her first mistake and my first discovery. They maintained control over each operation inside the facilities, including the electrical system. During the first 15 minutes the failures would be ideal for running away, however problems would arise when those errors are reported and they fall on me in less than I could suspect. I must have thought how to turn off the lights and go on the run.

For that she had to make time, despite not knowing what time it was. Although he would know soon.

I concentrate and feel again, like in the old days, when my eyes were not the only way to see. After a couple of tries with no further result, I simply decide to look towards the true origin of the tickling.

I just manage to observe my sad reflection in that pale room reflected in that… glass?… but because… yes, definitely. They are there.

It really was like that, it didn't take more than five minutes and the room opened, just through that well-secured door, which worked with cards, a stubborn bitch entered a bit sloppy but with his head held high and a smile on his mouth. I just need time, I must look for a hole in your security. Turn off the lights and take away is card.

Lost in a trance of information, I can slightly make out that this bastard is in front of me touching and drinking his coffee in his failed attempt to get my attention. I just need time and I will have it.

I feel like a little tingling begins to take over every inch of my body. Normally it would panic, however there was no time to go back. His security system would easily fall against infallible hacking techniques, although the biggest problem would be infecting that computer that recorded everything that happened inside this room.

In that moment of full concentration I feel a metallic thunder that echoes to my ears, my body for a second thought about jumping but every second that I spent looking for data, my body fell asleep even more. However, that sound was strong enough to interrupt my consciousness and return to that stupid room next to a bastard who doesn't know how to sit.

The danger of such an interruption could easily lead to severe mental problems. But not as serious as the ones that guy was suffering with his chair. He finally apologized, but before trying to insult him, I took a brief moment to digest the amount of useless data I had obtained after a little trip.

Once calm, I start to think again about how to enter that network, rather, how I would get to that laptop. All thoughts were completely blurred from mind after feeling that disgusting but comforting smell of burnt tobacco. When I begin to become aware of the prolonged concentration I had suffered, I perceive the danger. I look and analyze its origin and again think "Wasn't there someone else qualified?" It didn't matter, the headache of surfing a huge data network made me seriously think about asking him for one of his cigarettes. But I remember how every member and human being I've seen lately is fighting for the wrong cause with the wrong means.

He offers me a cigarette with a fake smile on his face. Something to relax before re-entering the network, like a ghost. He believes that I will cooperate, however a cigarette would not demonstrate that his true nature… first had to be tested and that would take me a long time… and the latter could be achieved if I cooperated, it was difficult for me to admit the fucking reality but due do it if I wanted to stay alive. However it would not stop me from being cautious… finally I reply with still quite a few doubts in my thoughts

- "…well …I think I need one…"

While I lit the cigarette, the bastard was watching me non-stop, looking for something and knowing exactly. For that same reason, avoid eye contact as much as possible. The windows of the soul would show my weakness.

- "Well, a friend of mine not very close indicated that you would have a unique opportunity…"

They were just lies. He knows very well what he is facing. And again he was just hanging around the room keeping his attention fixed on me. I know I was looking for something but I don't know what. However the feeling of insecurity was still continuing and I knew very well why… people like him are not to be trusted.

The guy comes over and drinks his coffee, brings his hand to my back and says:

- "If you want, I'll give it to you, I've already had a lot. Coffee can help you relax despite its apparent effect."

Is it a fucking joke? Am I handcuffed how do you want me to take it ?!

However, despite hating him, it was still strange to me that he had been the only person who did not seek to torture me or force me to speak after a long time. At that precise moment he decided to continue what was going… finally.

- ""To what I'm going. I made a couple of calls and they cost me a couple of favors but they gave me permission to talk to your family. But first things first. I promise to let go of your chains, give you this coffee and share a cigarette if you change you promise to talk a little bit. "

This bastard knew exactly what would happen if he let me think for a long time. All feeling faded and I just kept my full consciousness in the real world again. I regretted every second that bastard talked about my family. However, they were the same false ideas as always. I shouldn't trust, but I should talk to him, I needed to know how much more I knew about my family, I needed to know if they were well and I had to do enough time. So, as if forced, he replied dubiously.

- "…well…"

El tipo me desencadeno y se sento nuevamente frente a mi, esta vez tomo una postura un poco mas ergida y su tono de su voz se volvió drásticamente mas grave.

- "Me presento, soy Dimitri Lambda y supongo que ya sabrás quien soy."

Comencé a sentir un cosquilleo continuo desde el otro lado del cristal, eran buenas y malas noticias.

Las malas es que la entrevista realmente acaba de comenzar y el que el video de esta entrevista se encontraba siendo transmitido hacia la computadora por lo que cuando terminara lo mas seguro es que harian una transcripción escrita. Eran unos perezoso por lo que lo mas seguro era que lo imprimieran. Esa seria mi única oportunidad.

Debía concentrarme y hacer que esto terminara lo antes posible, así que respondi a su pregunta y lo dejo al tanto sobre mi conocimiento de esta entrevista.

- "…si, eres de Corvus…vienes a intentar hacerme cooperar…"

Dimitri levanto una ceja e hizo una mueca, lo había descubierto y ambos sabíamos que sus trucos ya no servirían. Seguido de eso tomo aire y respondio.

- "Si pero…claro que soy de Corvus pero quiero que comprendas que las cosas que han pasado pueden cambiar si tu colaboras con nosotros te lo puedo asegurar personalmente, incluso yo me siento igual de nervioso que tu dentro de esta habitación."

En ese momento me cedió otro cigarrillo.

Mientras demostraba su intranquilidad fumando pensaba hasta que punto lo que decía era verdad. Todas las personas antes de el ya lo habían intentado y todos habían fracasado. Tome una bocanada de mi cigarrillo y despeje mi mente. Finalmente decido ir por una apuesta mayor.

- "…primero…necesito saber si están vivos."

El tipo no se tomo el tiempo ni para pensar y respondió con total seguridad.

- "Eso si te lo puedo asegurar."

Aquella respuesta tan rápida lograba que una bruma de pensamientos y sentimientos se apoderaban de mi, una pisca de esperanza volvió a mi. Ya habían jugado asi antes y lo volverían hacer con tal de hacerme cooperar. No podría aceptar ese tipo de insolencias por lo que decidí gritar y argumentar en contra de aquella falsedad.

- "Mentira…¡MIENTES!"

Me respondió con un mas convicción pero aun se notaba su falsedad. Me negaba a confiar en el, necesitaba una prueba. Dimitri Lambda me respondió con una calma incompresible, incluso amenazadora en comparación a mi respuesta.

- "Tranquilo, comprendo tu situación pero por favor recuerda lo que hablamos."

El tipo tenia razón, estaba actuando de forma muy errática y debía enfocarme, por lo que decidi ir con todo. Antes de responder tome aire e intente calmarme.

- "Necesito hablar con ellos antes de empezar a acordar términos."

En ese preciso instante vi como su expresión facial cambiaba lentamente, de forma casi impredecible pero suficiente para saber que estaba en apuros.

- "Hablaras con ellos, hay un pequeña condición…"

El tiempo se volvía un factor cada vez mas importante, y el dialogo se transformaba en una verdadera arma de doble filo. Debía ser cuidadoso y mucho menos errático

- "No…nada de condiciones, solo necesito hablar con ellos…"

Con esa ultima afirmación el supo realmente que no habría otra forma para hacerme hablar, ni otra condición que poner sobre la mesa, solo hechos. Aun me revolvía el estomago cuanto mas duraría esto, en que momento llegaría la oportunidad de lograr salir.

Dimitri sabiendo que no hablaría de otra forma simplemente se limito a advertirme si hablaba de mas.

-Bien si es lo que tanto quieres lo tendrás, pero solo recuerda no hablar de esto…

Saco un pequeño móvil de su bolsillo y tecleo rápidamente una serie de números. Cada momento que pasaba mi corazón se aceleraba y yo pensaba sobre la verdad en las palabras de este hombre, pensaba en cuando acabaría todo esto. Y de no ser asi, que no sea en vano.

El móvil marcaba y Dimitri se encontraba mirando no específicamente aquel cristal, mas bien como si lo hiciera a través de este. Conforme los segundos pasaban y el timbre sonaba cada vez mas lograba observar como su cara, la cual a pesar de estar casi inmutada, cambiaba lentamente cada vez que el timbre de la línea sonaba y nadie respondía. Quizás esta era su carta de triunfo.

Finalmente el timbre ceso y los segundos pasaron lentamente en completo silencio, la cara de Dimitri se encontraba totalmente seria y los segundos pasaron… uno…dos…tres y todo se congelaba en el preciso instante en que desde el otro lado de la línea se escuchaba una dulce e inolvidable voz decir

- "¿Hola, hay alguien ahí?"

- "Espero que la dulce charla te haya ayudado a despejar la mente. Ahora, recuerda que estoy dispuesto a ayudarte a que logres hablar con tu familia cada mes, y que tengas una mejor condición de vida por tu servicio a Corvus."

- "¿Como me aseguras que sera asi? no hay forma en que personas como tu puedan cumplir su palabra…ya lo he visto y vivido antes."

- "Mientras cooperes te aseguro que tu familia estará bien y que tendrás un par de comodidades como una habitación para ti solo…"

- "…no lo se…mientes…"

- "Debes comprender, que el mundo que conocías ya no existe. Hay algo que tu aun no entiendes. Hay personas que realmente te harán sufrir. Debes comprender, hasta que punto crees tu que todo esto ha sido en vano, hasta que punto ellos dependen de ti."

- …

- "Se que han sido muchas noticias y que difícilmente me puedes creer pero te dejare mi tarjeta, si cambias de opinión, di en voz alta lo que dice y yo asistiré a cumplir mi palabra."

- "Eso lo veremos…"

En ese instante la luz de la habitación se apago. Le lance el café caliente a su cara y rápidamente tome la silla y con esta le propine un fuerte golpe en la cabeza. Rápidamente busco en su cuerpo desplomado y tomo su tarjeta. Sabia con exactitud que las puertas de seguridad aun tenían energía de reserva. Me quedaban 13 minutos.

Tomo rápidamente la silla para proseguir con mi huida; abro la puerta y golpeo con esta al primer cabron junto a la puerta. Dejo atrás la silla y comienzo a correr con toda mis fuerzas. Ya había esperado lo suficiente y había funcionado. Como de costumbre las paredes blancas indicaban siempre el camino mas próximo hacia la salida, y por suerte, estas indicaban que al final de este interminable pasillo estaba mi libertad. Sin pensarlo dos veces comienzo a correr hasta mas no poder.

Finalmente llego hasta la puerta al final de este interminable pasillo. Quedan 9 minutos. En el instante en el que intento deslizar la tarjeta por el interruptor de la puerta, esta se abre y dos cabrones corpulentos vestidos de negro y con una mascara de gas lo suficientemente ajustada para no dejar ver su cara me apunta con su fusiles en dirección a mi cara mientras se dirigen a mi con un tono prepotente.

- "¿Perdón pero hacia donde ibas?"

No lograba comprender que estaba pasando. Que había pasado. Despejo mi mente y rápidamente me doy cuenta que por esa puerta no lograrían pasar ambos. Dejo caer la tarjeta y mientras estos cabrones desviaban su vista fuera de mi, me agacho a media altura y arremeto contra el primero frente a mi. Desvió su rifle lo mas rápidamente para que salga de mi dirección mientras le doy con la rodilla en el estomago lo suficientemente fuerte para hacerlo llorar. Sin embargo no fui lo suficientemente rápido. En ese mismo instante el segundo toma su porra eléctrica y me golpea lo suficientemente fuerte en la espalda como para hacerme caer completamente paralizado al piso mientras me grita.


En la dirección contraria mientras me revuelco de dolor llega rápidamente corriendo Dimitri con un moretón azul en toda su frente, a decir verdad no lucia para nada feliz. Finalmente se para frente a mi y dice con un tono que exclamaba odio y furia en cada una de sus palabras.

- "¡Llévenselo de aqui!"

- "¡Corvus Ocultus!" - Grite sin más remedio.

- "…hijo de…bien. Hora del viaje feliz."

En ese instante el tipo que aun tocia por el rodillazo saco su porra eléctrica y mira a Dimitri, este ultimo asiente. Seguido de eso, me concede un golpe lo suficientemente fuerte como para que pierda la consciencia.