Record of Lost Anomalies
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This is a list of all the Chaos Insurgency anomalies that have been lost in action or stolen by other Groups of Interest. For a complete list of you must request a petition from the Cell Director and have a Beta level or higher permit.

Item: Zero-Absolute Jug

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Contained by the Foundation under the name of SCP-244.

Description: A ceramic jug with Tunisian-style decorations cold to the touch. When opened, it releases an icy vapor that gradually expands in variation to the size of the place where it is, lowering the temperatures of the place between -35 ℃ and 37 ℃. Along with this vapor a series of entities made of much thicker and darker fog will appear; it has the ability to freeze any living being to the touch, increasing its mass as more people touch.

Notes: The article showed signs of deterioration due to constant use. In its first mission to be used against a Foundation site, the item had to be transported to an Insurgency military base to ensure its integrity. The reasons are unknown, but the jar opened, releasing two entities that ended up freezing all base personnel. Recovery of the artifact was planned, but a Foundation mobile force arrived at the scene and contained the article.

Item: Carnivorous Lawn

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Contained by the Foundation under the name of SCP-355.

Description: The grass was the result of research and experiments around a sample obtained from a strain of a plant with abnormal qualities, which was known to exist thanks to reports about SCP- ██. The grass is made up of a sharp blade with a hollow cellulose core capable of flexing and holding upright. The grass has an accelerated reproductive cycle being able to expand infinitely in open space. When a living being steps on the grass, it injects it with a natural acid while draining the fluids from the dam.

Notes: The item was used as a security means in the item storage facility on ████. During a raid by the Foundation on the premises, the article eliminated several intruders, but was eventually neutralized by the combined use of flammable and acidic agents, as well as poison dispensers. The area was protected and the only sample was taken by the Foundation.

Item: Biological Visual Map.

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Contained by the Foundation under the name of SCP-842.

Description: An operating table from the twenties in a state of advanced degradation. When a person is put on the table they will be paralyzed from the neck down. If a person touches the subject while thinking about a specific area, it will materialize in the subject's body using all external organs, including the skin, muscle, bones and blood vessels, which will be modified to take the shape of the area you want to see. Because the subject experiences intense pain as this occurs, the object can be used at the same time as a torture tool for interrogation.

Notes: The item was placed at facility ████ along with approximately ██ other items. A raid by the Foundation led the team on duty to use the item to flank enemy forces in the area. Prisoners who were in custody were used for this, however due to their rapid death and the Insurgent staff's refusal to use one of their own in said article, eventually allowed the Foundation to acquire the installation and the articles.

Item: Special Monitoring Artifact.

Type: Manufactured Anomaly.

Current Status: Contained by the Foundation under the name of SCP-1316.

Description: A common cat whose original anomaly was its ability to maintain its same appearance despite the passage of time. The specimen was treated in a procedure to replicate the anomaly of Project S33 of the GRU Division P (See Document GRU Division P - KGB Dossier). In order to have some degree of control before the operation, Agent ████'s consciousness was transferred to the specimen with the use of Item ████████. The specimen was shown to be capable of transmitting messages through radio signals using the Insurgency's encryption code.

Notes: The article was assigned to the Project Troy. The item infiltrated Foundation Site-112 under a SCP designation after Foundation personnel were only able to determine the original anomaly of the specimen, giving it a Secure assignment that allowed it to roam the facility. Over the next ten years the article provided the Insurgency with specific codes and locations of certain SCPs allowing a massive gap that led to the obtaining of ████ SCPs. The Foundation subsequently discovered the secondary anomaly, used more complex containment procedures, and deciphered some of the transmitted messages. There are no future recovery plans for the item.

Item: Anarchist Buckle.

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Contained by the Russian Foundation under the name of SCP-RU-1962.

Description: It is a brown leather belt with a brass buckle, the design is the same as that of the Russian Army uniforms. Embossed on the buckle emblem is the phrase Повстанцы Хаоса (NO SLAVES, NO LEADERS). When a person wears a belt, they begin to develop a growing obsession with inflicting social norms that evolves into a rejection of all norms and laws. This goes as far as starting riots and starting armed uprisings.

Notes: The article was owned by the GRU Division P who used it since 1947 to fulfill their own agenda and then disappear during the organization's closure. Later, the Foundation acquired the article in 1962. That same year, a deserting member of the Foundation made contact with the Insurgency, to whom he gave the article. The anomaly was used in various missions and resurrection campaigns in various countries of the world, which benefited the Insurgency for more than forty years. Due to the lack of impact that the article has had in the last decade, the High Command decided to send a group led by the deserting agent to attack a Foundation Site. The true purpose of this mission was that the Foundation will eliminate the less loyal personnel that made up the team and that they will recover the item, now useless for the Insurgency.

Item: Adaptive Passport.

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Destroyed by the Global Occult Coalition.

Description: A standard passport of the United States of America, which lacks information and descriptions of any kind inside. When the article is presented to any person in authority, it will activate a memetic effect that will make the person reading it incapable of noticing any kind of fault or illegality in the passport. The item was used on several infiltration missions that required swift action by agents. The article avoided raising any suspicion and made it easier to confirm legalities.

Notes: After being used on a mission in Tokyo, the raid group was terminated and the article was contained by the Japanese Branch of the Foundation under the name SCP-JP-756. It was subsequently stolen by an enemy group. After passing into the hands of various Interest Groups, the article was finally destroyed by the GOC.

Item: Camera of Revelation.

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Contained by the China Foundation under the name of SCP-CN-037.

Description: It is a compact, disposable, white snapshot camera. When a photograph is taken of any object or person related to any kind of secret or classified information, the revealed photograph will display a document containing such information. Usually the image is a perfect photo of an existing document of such information.

Notes: The item was used by a double Insurgency agent at one of the Foundation's Chinese Branch facilities to reveal sensitive information to the Insurgent High Command. The item was discovered in the agent's belongings; after the interrogation and giving information about the properties of the article, it was contained and the agent was executed.

Item: The Tweezers.

Type: Natural Anomaly.

Current Status: Destroyed by the Global Occult Coalition.

Description: A pair of 1910 aesthetic cleaning silver tweezers. When the tweezers are used to grip an object from an approximate distance, such that the object is between the two tweezers, it can be lifted and handled, regardless of weight. Research of the object have estimated that the article could have unlimited scope.

Notes: The object was part of a collection of anomalous objects contained by the Foundation, collectively named SCP-884. The items Timeless Bag, Extradimensional Knife, and Skinning Scissors were also part of this collection. The Insurgency seized on these anomalies during the Foundation Civil War. The item was lost to the Global Occult Coalition during a raid on the Insurgency's main base in Cairo, Egypt, where the use of the item caused heavy casualties to GOC forces. However, the Coalition prevailed, eliminated the Insurgent forces, and destroyed the item.