Proposal for the Delta Command
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Classified information

For Delta Command eyes only

CODENAME: ** "Scarlet" Protocol **

ACTIVATION CODE: .- .-.. .- / .-. —- - .- .-.-.

OBJECTIVE: Systematic elimination of the cell and Corvus assets, for the sake of the Insurgency.

REASONS FOR ACTIVATION: Doubtful allegiance from the Corvus Cell, misuse of the Cell or indications of treason towards the Haos Doctrine.


  1. To start the protocol you must have strong evidence of Corvus' betrayal.
  2. The evidence must then be presented to the Delta Command.
  3. Once the maximum approval of the Command is obtained, all Corvus affiliated Cells will be held incommunicado.
  4. All Corvus Sites will be assaulted, through the use of anomalous and non-anomalous Anti-Corvus Forces
  5. For heavily Protected Sites, such as Base 7 and the Market, internal sabotage is first planned, carried out by Anti-Corvus Agents, embedded in the Sites.
  6. After deletion of Sites and Personal Corvus, the files related to them must be deleted and/or changed.
  7. The execution of the members of the Anti-Corvus Forces must be carried out only with the approval of the Delta Command.


The Extermination

Report: There is no exact date, but it is presumed that the event occurred during the first decade of the 20th century, most likely somewhere in North America. About 98% of a race known as "Fae" was exterminated by an unknown organization, some sources indicate that it was the Church of the Broken God, while others point to a more archaic order. According to some recovered documents, these beings called "Fairies", possessed human characteristics, except for Class 5 ██████ and a rare Iron allergy. Some sources show that a small part of the survivors took refuge in a kind of pocket dimension, while the remaining 2% succumbed to the passage of time. Some archaeological research suggests that this race had been living with humanity for about ███ thousand years.

Repercussions/Consequences: Although still, it is not certain how and why this event happened. This event has been a great inspiration, for almost all Paraculture organizations, in the elaboration of endless protocols, theories and situations, at the same time, a reminder of how things should be done when they get out of control.

Assault on Juttown

Report: At 11:00 am on 1█ of ███████, 1927, a rebel group of Corvus, composed
by 3█ anomalous humanoids, I try to take control of Site-Θ-03 "Juttown" by force. During the initial dispute about ██ anomalous and non-anomalous personnel were neutralized by this dissident group. Members of the Site who managed to escape contacted the Foundation's O5.

Around 2:00 pm, the rebel group issued a message:

Everything is a lie, The Insurgency, Corvus, everything is. We will not give up, until the cowardly leaders of the Foundation appear, to take their punishment.

Clearly, the rebel group presented an anarchist ideology, seeking a "Liberation", from the control of the Foundation. The use of the anomalous abilities of some of the Rebels, hindered the use of anomalous weaponry, and the release of amnesics.

By 5:30 pm, the then Administrator of the Corvus Ocultus Project would arrive at the site: R.Blake, who would try to negotiate with the rebels, unfortunately the discussion was unsuccessful. Hence a non-anomalous armed assault was the last option. Between 8:00 and 10:00 pm, the assault, the fight for the compound, took place until approximately 6:00 am the following day. All surviving combatant and non-combatant members of the rebel group were executed near the Site.

Impact/Consequences: After this the O5, I plan the final dissolution of the Corvus Ocultus project. But as possible psychological consequences of the previous incident, R. Blake carried out his own rebellion 1 years later. In this other incident the damage was much greater, so the disappearance of the False-Insurgency and Corvus Ocultus was imminent.

The Incident served as the basis, for the formation of the "Black Plan", a protocol for the mass elimination of Corvus Ocultus. Currently the "Black Plan" has been reformed to become the current Scarlet Protocol.

Proposal for Corneille Kopper

> Delta Command Vote….

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> In favor: 7…..

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