Ludovic Drug
Item Ludovic Drug
Type Drug
Potential/Present Hazards No
Clothing/Weapons Required Standard handling of chemical substances
Location Base Six
Reported Anomaly Abnormal conditioning drug


The substance must be used as part of the Indoctrination Program of the Insurgency for the Humanoid Items, as well as for the agents and anomalous assets that are part of the Teal Operatives. The article has also been classified to be used as a Closed Room Anomaly for the interrogation of anomalous prisoners.


The article is a heterogeneous substance whose chemical composition has not yet been possible to explain. The substance shows a high ph, however the alkalinity does not seem to affect the main element that seems to be made up of a mixture of an unknown chemical substance and cerebrospinal fluid. When the substance is entered into the bloodstream of an abnormal or humanoid person, a neuro-chemical process occurs that affects the psychological functions of the affected subjects.

Anomalous subjects will suffer from a series of spasms that end with a transient ischemic stroke. After a time of three to four hours the victim will recover his cognitive and motor functions; However, the subject will experience a series of psychological conditioning, each time their anomalous quality is activated. The subject will experience a series of severe symptoms each time the anomalous qualities of this reach a certain degree of activity; Based on the Binah Pattern Recognition System, used to detect anomalies, once the subject passes 37% on the Anomala Certainty scale, he will suffer from muscular aches, circulatory, dizziness, nausea, migraine, numbness, hypertension, hemorrhage, among other symptoms that vary from case to case.

With each attempt to use the abnormal skills the subject will experience an increase in the symptoms that will lead him to suffer a more severe physical and metal pain. As a result of this "shock therapy" the subject stops using their skills of their own free will or does their best to stay in an environment that does not activate their latent anomaly. The results in use the article in reality benders have shown [DATA DELETED].


The substance was found during an inspection of damage to a barracks of the insurgency in ██████ attacked by an armed group belonging to the GOI-███: SEPIA. It is believed that the group entered the facility thanks to an internal sabotage caused by the PoI-119: Derek Crowley. The substance was stored in the cartridge of a modified dart gun made of an unidentifiable black plastic material. Upon his experimentation in the Research Department, there were difficulties in synthesizing the substance. Finally, the Members of the Chemical Department of ShADES Tecnologies found a way to duplicate the substance using as a base element samples of the spinal fluid of humanoids. Apart from that, the researchers discovered that anomalous subjects with A+ blood are better catalysts for the substance. Beyond these discoveries, the origin of the unknown chemical agent is still unknown.