Installation File Base 7
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Base-7 of the Chaos Insurgency


Central Mass Storage Base #7
Central American Facility

Code: 0009-Alpha


Foundation: March 14, 2014

Location: █████, Mexico. Industrial Zone

Area: 21.5 km²

Staff: 907 Assets

Cells: 4 Installations

Jurisdiction: Central America (Northern Mexico) - South American (Southwest Chile)

Cover: Military Base of the Mexican Army


Specials Teams

Items in Storage

Item Threat Level Interest Level
Conscious Artillery Vértigo Medium-Interest
Bird Briefcase Vértigo Low-Interest
Knife of The Dead Man Vértigo Low-Interest
Red Star Xeno Medium-Interest
Midas Glove Vértigo Low-Interest
Ludovic Drug Vértigo Medium-Interest
Guardian Lion Vertigo Medium-Interest
Removable Memory Xeno Medium-Interest
Black Liquid Mirror Xeno Medium-Interest
Box of Shadows Xeno High-Interest
The Grimoire Xeno High-Interest
Vampiric Tar Xeno Medium-Interest
The Man of 50/50 Omega Medium-Interest
Subcutaneous Biobots Xeno High-Interest
Machete of Execution Vertigo Low-Interest
Spectral Grenade Vertigo Medium-Interest
Escape Vehicle Vertigo High-Interest
Voodoo Doll Vertigo Low-Interest

Areas of Interest in the Region

The most important containment site of the Foundation in all of Central and South America. Located in ███████, Venezuela, the site houses different medium and high-interest anomalies. There are no future plans to storm this facility; It is kept under perpetual observation.

Market of a Thousand Languages
Anomalous exchange and marketing site. Located in ███████ near the US-Mexico border. Insurgent personnel who make expeditions to the place must avoid any kind of confrontation within the area.

Interest Groups in the region

Number Name State
GdI-000 The Foundation Active
GdI-███ The Blake Family Active
GdI-███ Antares Society Active
GdI-███ Fergusson Institute Active
GdI-███ Special Riflemen of the King Active
GdI-███ Green Guardians Active
GdI-███ Black Box Active

General Information

Base 7 was created as part of the Insurgency expansion program, becoming the first automated Insurgency facility outside of the United States. Although its creation of remote until 2014 was not until 2016 that its official activation began. Originally a small camp to recruit guerrilla personnel, the place was chosen for being a remote area with little civil activity without the need for a complex cover for the existence of the facility in the area.

Schematic diagram of the installation.

The region is known for hosting various drug trafficking cartels during its clandestine operations, leading to several armed confrontations. The level of the fighting in combination with the attention it generated to the local authorities, resulted in a complete abandonment of the camp.

It would not be until the end of 2013 that Commander One would move several of his influences from the crime underworld to make an appointment with the highest leaders of the organizations.

By the time construction of the facility began, the Insurgency had already reached a cooperation pact between the largest criminal organizations in the region such as the Juárez Cartel, the South Pacific Cartel, the Sinaloa Federation and the Zetas. Of the latter, many members entered the ranks of the Insurgency due to their familiarity with military tactics. It is worth mentioning that although many of these cartels are enemies, the Insurgency keeps secret the cooperation it has with one another.

In early 2017, Base 7 served as a meeting point for mutual cooperation negotiations between the Insurgency and the GRU Division P, which ended in an agreement to store several prototypes of paratechnology of the Psycatronic Division in exchange for which the Insurgency will support them in the recovery of their rebel facilities.