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Classified Information


Special Riflemen of the King Society



Making function of the secret Article no 44 of the National Defense Plan, and promising to protect, serve and love the king and the country, the subject called: F. Ezkarra, positively using his mental faculties, voluntarily enrolls in the Special Riflemen of the King Society. Likewise, the subject accepts all the guarantees and responsibilities of the contract. At the same time, following the Company's enrollment requirements, a brief report on the qualities of the subject is attached.

Physical Description

  • Caucasian male
  • Chestnut hair
  • Blue eyes
  • 67 kg weight
  • 1.77 m tall
  • With all approved medical examinations.

Description of Qualities

The examinations carried out on the subject show that he is capable of: Performing some peculiar psychic waves, which provoke a peculiar different reaction in each affected subject, the most recurrent ones are uncontrollable anger, depression, fear, psychopathic joy and in certain cases lost of the sense of self-preservation, which normally leads to the suicide of the subject. Therefore, the recruiting council has given its: APPROVAL, so that the subject serves in the British Army assigned to the Society.



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