Ex-Agent Blake
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Person of Interest Ω-███


Name: R. Blake

Known Aliases: "The Father"

Position: Site-██ Director.

Description: According to field reports, he is a Caucasian male, with the appearance of an older adult between the ages of 45 and 60. He measures approximately between 1.68m and 1.72m, and weighs around 80 Kg, his hair is gray.

Date of Birth: Around 1870 and 1890.

Story: I collaborate with the successful containment of two items (Safe and Euclid type) During a simultaneous breach at Site-██. At the same time, he demonstrated an irreproachable record at the time of his active service at the Foundation. He was an intermediary during the attacks against Site-█ and O5-██. That same event resulted in the GoI-███ ceasefire. Later in 19██ he was promoted to Site Director, under the prefix of "The Father", due to his relationship with multiple interest groups and his relationship with anomalous third world humanoids.

Rules of Confrontation: N / A.

Biography: Born in Australia, around 1880 and 1890, it is known that the subject was expelled from her town after causing several incidents due to her anomaly. He served in Gallipoli, alongside ANZACs troops, after the end of World War I, was captured by the Foundation, and after some years and events that demonstrated the subject's loyalty to the Foundation, he was promoted to Site Director-██ and He was given the responsibility of managing the nascent "Project Corvus Ocultus."




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Person of Interest Ω-███


Name: R. Blake

Known Aliases: "The Leper"

Photo taken of the subject in 194█.

Position: Leader of the Group of Interest "Blake's Family."

Description: According to field reports, he is a Caucasian male, with the appearance of an older adult between the ages of 45 and 50. He measures approximately between 1.68 m and 1.72m, and weighs around 80Kg, his hair is gray. It has a relative structure to the average.
His eyes are brown and he can be easily identified by a scar on his right cheek.

Biography: Leader of the "Corvus Ocultus Project". Due to the conflict of interest in the project, Blake was removed from his posts in 1922 (See Addendum "GoI-Blake's Family").

The project was kept in hiding due to high vigilance by the Foundation until 1923 when a series of events called "The Recruitment" began where Agent Blake would personally be on the lookout for anomalous agents for the project. It was in 1924 when the agent was in active operations commanding his humanoid forces supporting the Insurgency during the conflicts of the Insurrection and the subsequent Civil War of the Foundation.

In 1928, and already being part of the ranks of the Insurgency, Blake caused the so-called "Blake Uprising" along with his closest agents belonging to the Corvus Project. The revolt was defeated and Blake escaped to later create a GoI composed almost entirely of anomalous humanoids wreaking havoc on the Insurgency.

Rules of Confrontation: It is recommended not to directly attack the members of the interest group as well as Blake himself due to the undoubted presence of anomalies. Its radical and unrealistic goals will be aimed at killing off insurgent personnel as well as creating a new world order where anomalous humanoids dominate. It is considered aggressive towards all non-anomalous personnel. The use of neutralization equipment is authorized, as well as the use of agents from the Corvus Project for immediate neutralization. It is noted that the POI under no circumstances operates alone, it is always accompanied by the so-called "Personal Guard". If the case of immediate neutralization does not arise, it is recommended to take a distance and notify your superior.