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On March 30, 2017, we received an attack on our main servers, revealing a vulnerability in their security. It was confirmed that the files of Project Corvus were not manipulated or viewed, nor was the Arsenal of Articles. The intruder only created a directory in which he left an MS-DOS console open. The unknown intruder proceeded to communicate, establishing a private messaging service. Our computer personnel were authorized to establish conversation with him to save time, while trying to trace the location of the stranger and access his machine.

Conversation Log:

Unknown: I have managed to access your database to leave this direct access to me, I hope whoever is reading is aware of the seriousness of this, and of the serious security hole in their network.

Unknown: I am writing to your…Emmm "Organization" to present you with an offer that I am sure you will not be able to reject.

Unknown: As a well-paid member of the Foundation you will understand my understanding of events and anomalous beings and how valuable it would be to you to have me as an infiltrated member.

Unknown: If you want to block this access I will take it as a rejection of what I plan to offer you.

Staff ███: How did you access our machines?

Unknown: That doesn't matter. Glad to see you have an interest in talking.

Personal ███: What do you want?

Unknown: I am aware that monetarily they are not able to pay me a decent salary and that the level of technology they use is not of the latest generation.

Unknown: However, I can agree to be useful if they give me certain benefits.

Staff ███: Which ones?

Unknown: I don't want to be treated as a simple Doctor, Researcher, or what you loosely call a Containment Engineer.

Unknown: I want to have access to all their documents and reports, I want to manage the information of everything they do and the use they give to anomalous objects and entities, in turn I will only report to someone in high command of your organization.

Unknown: In exchange, I give them access to the information contained within the facilities of Site 34 and points of interest in Latin America and Spain that may be useful to them.

Staff ███: You ask a lot for what little you offer us. Why trust you?

Unknown: I am not interested in the money they can give me, nor to prove my integrity, I simply want knowledge about the origins of all the anomalies in the world, and in my opinion the Foundation will not give me the liberties to experiment to my liking .

Unknown: That said, and to finish I will leave this security hole open. If in 3 days this access is closed, I will understand that you are not interested in the knowledge that I can contribute to your Organization. Nothing more to add, my warmest regards.

Staff ███: Wait. Who the hell are you?

Unknown: Ing. ███ █████.

On the orders of Maj. ███████, security around the breach on our servers was tightened and communication with the stranger was permanently established. [See Vector-1 register]. Only Gamma Personnel have access to the private messaging channel.