Agent Doppel
Agent Doppel

Nickname: Doppel.

Real Name: ███████ Jakov.

Nationality: Russian.

Dominant Languages: Russian. Idiomatic imitator.

Former Affiliation: Member of the intelligence body of the GRU P Division. Work for this division during the Cold War in the period 19██ to 1991 (coup d'état in the USSR).

Recruitment: After the Cold War and the dismantling of the GRU P Division offered its espionage services on the black market. Subsequently the agent caught the attention of the COG with which it had multiple belligerencies with agents of this in attempts of capture and neutralization. Due to recurrent confrontations by rival private and para-natural organizations, the agent decided to contact a CI agent of whom he had prior knowledge and who had made him an offer. Later, agent Doppel offered his intelligence and espionage services in exchange for protection by the IC and amount equivalent to ██ ███.███.███ $.

Assignment: Espionage and Intelligence.

General Mission: The agent is currently assigned to infiltration and intelligence missions within private organizations and / or rival interest groups, as well as field intelligence.

Physical Description

Age: ██

Height: 1.80 m

Weight / Contexture: 95 kg

Physical Age-Related: Older Male.

Race: Slavic.

Specie: Homo sapiens sapiens.

Eyes: Unknown.

Hair: Does not have.

Complexities / Diseases: Partial deformation of the face.

Psychological Description.

The agent is mentally stable, however, it shows traits of narcissism, becoming detectable in infiltration missions. The agent is not entirely loyal to the Chaos Insurgency, this is because the agent responds to his own interests1 . The agent has a high level of confidence towards Dr. Zaragoza and several members of the Corvus.

The agent has proved to be an alcoholic, since he has been found several times wandering in the ethylic state by Base-7.

The agent suffers from Eisoptrophobia, it is not known with certainty why the agent is afraid of the mirrors, but this phobia should be used in favor of the CI.

Skills Report

Type: Mimic Class 5 and Meta-Mnemonico Class 5.

Anomalous Characteristics: The Doppel agent is able to mimic the physical and psychological characteristic of a subject2, including memories and some behaviors of these. It is almost impossible to recognize the imitation of the agent, this is due to its ability to imitate the behaviors of the subjects. Although he can imitate every human physical trait, he can not imitate humanoid anomalies, but he can't become an object.

The agent has declared stealing a kind of "Soul" from the subjects to effect his metamorphosis; Although the radiological and radiobiological studies done to the agent show that when the agent is mimicked, it begins to generate a type of non-lethal electromagnetic radiation3, which begins to reconstruct the agent from a cellular level to obtain the shape of the imitated subject. Even so it can not be explained how the agent acquires some knowledge and behaviors of the imitated subjects

It has been observed that the subjects in a radius of proximity to the agent while it is mimicked have a slight rash, while those who have been imitated by the latter say they feel weak afterwards.

Warnings and Important Data

Dangerous Potential: High vulnerability to data theft. Magnicide. Collateral damage.

Required Maintenance / Weaponry: A room with all necessary implements, face covering (masks or the like), high caliber guns with silencers and short-piercing battle weapons and a mini-bar supplied with alcoholic drinks from around the world .

Loyalty: Average. Loyalty by contract.

Location: Base-7.

Security Class Level


Pre-IC: The agent was born in 19██ in the vicinity of the Volga river, shortly after birth the family of the agent moved to Moscow, at the age of 10 years the agent suffered an accident which disfigured his face. At the age of 18 the agent was enlisted in the Russian army, shortly after entering the army the agent was recruited in the GRU-P Division for the Soviet project Супер спецназу (super spetsnaz),4In that project was where it is presumed that the agent obtained his mimic abilities, The agent mentions that just before the Division was dismantled assassinated to the head of this one, without revealing the reasons.

Before he worked for the CI, the agent offered his services on the black market as explained in the recruitment report.