A Day Without Luck Part Ii
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In war there are 4 important factors to win, Intelligence, Logistics, Troops and Armament. However our advantage in modern warfare is the fifth factor the Anomalies. We will soon show the world (and humanity) the enormous power that lies before their very eyes, the day the Chaos Insurgency creates the Logic of the Illogical….

- Anonymous. Extract from the writing "Foreword to Chaos".

I quickly step out of that shabby shack and my senses are quickly heading towards the explosions generated by the anti-aircraft batteries that spit out lead across the entire sky as bullets blast through and lash out into the trenches.

First of all I take a cigarette and light it while listening to the bullets as if it were a classical symphony, checked my gun and charged it. I go with my beloved pistol and my precision rifle to eliminate the fucking Tango 001. I look at the direction of bullets, take a little breath and find the perfect time to start running towards the entrance of the trenches hoping not to be hit by anything.

Finally when I arrive I find the officer repelling the enemies until he goes with a threatening scream.

- "Hey Hawk! Hey! Take your fucking gas mask, in 5 we drop them with smoke!"

I take my mask and discard the cigarette, adjusting it so that it doesn't fall off when I have to run. Inside the gas mask, the eye holes are much larger. Inside each crystal it was possible to observe the way through a computer in the lenses. Fucking technology.

I look at the computer and speak out loud as I run through the trenches dodging bullets, readying my weapon for imminent danger. Finally I speak through the radio.

- "Enter the trenches, over."

After a couple of seconds of static, the communication line opens and you can hear an explosive sound from the other side of the radio, finally a cough and a deep voice with a friendly tone which is addressed to me.

- "Well, you should travel the line to the south until you reach the entrance to the building complex, it is believed that there must be at least 25 hostile targets hanging around, so it is recommended that you take the right path that goes through the buildings."

I gulp and start running at high speed through the smoky trench until I reach the entrance to the building complex. You could see how an explosion had destroyed a concrete wall giving the advance and free passage to the city, the only place nearby that was not exposed to the risks of the street was the tunnel that went through all the buildings up to Watchtower 54.

I entered the compound, I waited a second remembering how many guys were around and I took off my mind thinking and listening to the possible dangers in the area, after that I took my gun and crossed the complex without any danger. However, at the entrance by the stairs of Watchtower 54 I managed to distinguish the sound of machine guns above me. The Watchtower had been set up to stop any kind of attack.

I walk up the stairs slowly until I can see two guys firing the machine gun. Because of the sound of the machine gun they hadn't noticed me, so removing them was relatively easy.

Now I just have to wait a few seconds and use a smoke grenade on the south road to force Tango 001 to go from the southeast to the northwest and finally from the Watchtower to have the shot he needed. While I'm thinking, my radio plays and Dimitri is heard to speak with concern.

- "Alert they are at 5 Here."

I adjust my watch to -4 minutes, I go down at high speed towards the back door and start to take it apart to run to the sewer system and continue on to Watchtower 96. Going down the street won't do me this time.

The clock rings. It's the moment. I run at high speed on the top floor and calibrate my rifle. I write it down and say to the radio.

- "How much for Tango 001 to arrive?"

At that very moment Dimitri responds calmly.

- "According to the virtual map in less than 15. Get ready, only two shots and you move away from the area."

At that moment I felt nervous and managed to feel the urge to shoot, waiting for the right moment. I light my cigarette and the trucks arrive, all with thugs with light machine guns on their cars and trucks. However I only needed one target, that turban would give him away and I kill him.

I take a puff on my cigarette and aim my gun at the truck convoy. In that instant when the cars were passing and time was running out, for a moment I felt a coldness in my neck that completely blocks me.

I will miss

I quickly took a long drag on my cigarette and felt the smoke tear my windpipe to my lungs and I kept it in there for a few seconds. Search through all the cars quickly and in the middle of the caravan.

And as the seconds ticked by a blue, four-door plainclothes car was found, I aimed my telescopic sight at the back seat.

There was the bastard.

I exhaled all the smoke and felt the nicotine soothe me. I went back to burn my cigarette and got ready. Minus 30 seconds.

The objective was simple, eliminated the driver, then Tango. It was 700 meters of travel in a trip of 800 meters per second of trajectory, the dust cloud caused low visibility and perhaps undoubtedly deflected the bullet. If we add to that being on the third floor and shooting a moving target, it must be a perfect shot. And it had to be done in less than 25 seconds before the target plunged into the suburbs.

He had at least a couple of second seconds of travel with relapse and deviation. For a moment I thought and remembered the old days when I needed help from an observer to hit a target 600 meters away.

Finally I gave the last cigarette burn… I shot.

The bullet came almost as soon as he finished reloading to fire the second bullet and went through the front glass and hit the skull of the poor man who was driving that stubborn car. At that moment the car lost control collided with the containment barrier.

Unfortunately when I looked back at Tango 001 through my telescopic sight, the chain started exploding from the last car in the convoy.

I directed my gaze to the car once more through my telescopic sight. The time was against. Finally I see the target get out of the car a little stunned.

Why send so many troops to death.

And at that precise moment I knew what was hiding the entire facade. They knew that we would come for him and they preferred to destroy everything than to prevent the objective from falling into our hands. I gently rotate my fingers over the rifle's magnification and position the scope a couple of degrees off target, the same instant Tango 001 beckons with his arms and fingers. Because of how quickly he did it, the only thing I could understand by that ancient military sign language was regroup, base, Southeast.

What were the bastards planning? They knew about Watchtower 96 and worse, it would wait for me there. Put away my precision rifle and started running towards the stairs, skipping as many steps as possible.

As I walked down that horrible shack I managed to see the chaos of innocent lives taken. Managed to observe the total destruction as if a bomb had exploded in each of the rooms. I continued to hurry down, removing the back door had paid its fee.

Once on the street, the first thing I saw was how the road divided into two: To my left was a fucking truck with a machine gun mounted, parked on that road that went east. To my right a large bridge next to a river that crossed the city which went to the south, the bridge was full of FLC soldiers.

However underneath the bridge you could easily reach Watchtower 96 through the sewer network. I only had 15 minutes left and time was running against me. I remembered that I was still carrying my grenades. I took my smoke grenade and threw it in a huge force towards the bridge.

Unfortunately it is just fell at the entrance. For a moment I thought about using that machine gun to my left, however time and the mission was against it. So once the smoke started coming out and the view was completely clouded, I decided to act.

The FLC's response was something totally unexpected and exaggerated: A hail of bullets erupted in the direction of my position. I was already running towards the edge of the bridge. I went up easily and looked down. There were at least 6 meters of free fall followed by swimming in the direction of the sewers and without thinking twice just jump.

Finally I was at the entrance to a huge sewer network. The entrance was blocked by a fence with a fairly rusty lock and to my left was a very bad map of the network. The stench of shit was so putrid it would make anyone vomit in seconds. I decided to turn on the radio and went to Dimitri.

- "Hey bastard! What path do I take in the Baghdad sewer system? Over."

The static rang out for a couple of seconds and on the other side of the radio a voice exclaimed in surprise.

- "That was not in the fucking plan! Although… let's see … Let's see … shit … Well … Hawk, I'll be frank, I don't know why I have Insurgency records from that tunnel network, but I can't access the file. Lucky for you, I have a friend who will help me to enter the archive, give me a couple of minutes, over."

At that time, in addition to thanking that the radio was still working despite getting wet, I wondered why the Insurgency had a record of any tunnel network and did not want to know why. It made my hair stand on end and made my stomach turn even more. I sat down and checked my cigarettes, which were wet from that dip. If the instructions were correct it would not take me more than 5 minutes to reach my goal. The static rang out and Dimitri responded with a concerned tone.

- "Hawk, abort immediately. The place maintains the presence of unknown but extremely hostile entities, you are not the first to be there but if you continue there you will be the last, over."

At that precise moment it was already late and it was not time to back down, put away my precision rifle and unsheathe my pistol and blade, I decided to go inside while asking Dimitri with unusual calmness.

- "Well Dimitri level researcher I don't know what the hell, tell me what kind of entities do we have here ?, over."

And the static resounded for a couple of seconds while listening to the echo of the radio resonate in the sewers, Dimitri replied in a rather uncertain tone.

- "Enough to cause lacerations, stab wounds and bullet impacts. I only managed to access the file of an Incident 003, and it describes a group of… well, not because they are humanoid rats, it means they are not dangerous, over."

Hawk opened the channel for Dimitri to hear him laugh.

- "Come on man, don't talk stupid things, time is against us. Show me the fucking way. Over."

The static rang out and while Hawk waited for Dimitri's response he decided to break the lock and break through. The first thing he saw was how the main road going in front was divided into at least eight more roads and in the end a climb, which Hawk knew with complete confidence that this would not be easy. Finally Dimitri replied with a serious tone.

- "If you fail they kill me. Follow the first path on the left and go 300 meters. Turn right, continue 100 meters further ahead and finally follow another 400 meters again to the left and you will find a drain ladder that goes right to just 5 meters from Atalaya 96. Over and out."

The line stopped ringing and Hawk decided to set out for the unknown.