A Day Without "Luck"
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There is always a relationship of origin, this means that despite the fact that a group or a population changes they will always remember their beginning, this is the relationship that can be found even in mathematics between factors and product. In the same ways, whenever the product is analyzed, the initial factor can undoubtedly be found, despite the fact that there is an apparent de-correlation. It is that origin that cannot be denied, it is that origin that marks and distinguishes us and now conforms to the Chaos.
- Anonymous. Extract from the writing "Foreword to Chaos".

The room was small, the walls were brown and the ceiling was of an unusual black color, the floor was composed of a uniform and well detailed pattern due to the natural wood that made it up. In the center of the room there was a rather messy personal bed next to a small oak nightstand and on it a gray lamp and a 9mm bereta unloaded. In front of that bed was Albert in his rustic poplar writing typing under extreme concentration on his laptop. In addition to the multiple notes, there was that old analog clock next to a small lamp, however what stood out the most were the multiple food wrappers that were not discarded.

Albert was typing at high speed under a single concentration as the music from his stereo blared an unusual variety of songs at full speed. Finally Albert looked at his old analog clock which showed exactly 12:47 PM. At that precise moment (as usual) Albert took an altered jump and said aggressively:

- "Shit, I'm late again."

He hastily got up from his desk and went to his closet, which was a few meters away. On an ledge of his wardrobe was an unusual relief which with the help of his fingers managed to unlock it. Immediately, a piece of wood from the wardrobe door jumped, Albert gently removed it and the latter unveiled a metal keypad with no apparent color. At that moment Albert began hastily writing his code until it turned green. The wardrobe was finally opened and inside it was only a gray shirt next to black jeans, in the bottom section were black converse shoes, his cap accompanied by his inevitable precision rifle nicknamed "Luck". An exaggerated name which he had earned due to his performance, which had never failed and he hoped it would stay that way.

He took his clothes and delicately put his rifle on his bed as he went to his desk and inserted a small key into the padlock on the first chest of drawers. Once opened, amidst the mess inside the drawer, he only proceeded to rummage through and remove a pistol magazine, a pack of cigarettes, his keys, and a bottle of pills. He padlocked his chest of drawers again and finally took his laptop and slipped it calmly into his closet and closed it.

He took his trusty rifle and again calmly looked at the time, this time the clock said 13:05 and this once again exclaimed:

- "SHIT SHOULD I HURRY!" - said even stronger. As he turned off his stereo he kept repeating incessantly - "I'm fucking late!"

At that precise moment in which the music stopped, he managed to hear a chuckle from the other side of the door of his room, he went to his nightstand and loaded his gun, put it on his belt and finally started on his way.

On the other side of the door was a young, slender, pale-skinned adult with brown hair, brown eyes, and quite orderly in his voice and clothing. He addressed Albert with complete formality and a certain kinship in his voice.

- "Agent Night Hawk, late as always."

Albert hesitated for a few seconds and finally walked in a burlesque and waitressing tone.

- "I had a little problem Smith, Section T right?" - Albert replied knowing where he should go as usual.

This time Smith changed his facial expression to a more serious one and addressed himself even more cold to Albert.

- "Not today, they are looking for you in Section F Agent Night Hawk."

Albert, understanding the seriousness of the situation, ignored him and decided to speak in a relaxed and unformal tone.

- "Hey, do you have a fire?"

While removing a cigarette from his shirt, Smith simply replied with an assertion as a small laugh escaped in his false formality and he handed the lighter to Albert.

- "You must go, Now."

The Agent lit his cigarette and directed his partner in a mocking tone.

- "You must relax more fucking robot."

Finally he handed the lighter to Agent Smith while the latter chuckled and replied with a laugh.

- "That's why you pay tomorrow's round."

Eventually Agent Smith set out in the opposite direction of the Hawk.

As he smoked his cigarette Albert thought to himself.

- "Section F…what these bastards are planning now."

Finally he made his slow way to Section F accompanied by his loyal precision rifle.

The lighting was different from the other areas. This time the environment was denser, this was contrasted sharply with the decoration of the place which was composed only of stubborn pictures and "houseplants" as well as a dim light that illuminated the sector. Completely full of computers lined up along 3 rows in the center of the room. On the left sides was another section of desks with at least 30 different desks but they all had a unsetting similarity. In the furthest section was the office of the superior officer and in the right place, the rest area to optimize operation and time. The High Command some time ago decided to implement a cafeteria, rest and recreation area next to the work section in the area furthest from Complex F.

The place was an immense information network, full of computers, offices, and in the middle, most importantly, a global map of operations, records, and other information, which unfortunately he did not understand but which he remembered at all times.

Under the virtual globe, only two people were sitting, the superior officer and the very administrator of Corvus Cornellius. On the operating table, there were a couple of glasses of coffee, some laptops, in addition to an unusual red pendrive were a lot of files of little relevance with a slight blue coloration.

Corneille Kopper looked towards the entrance and remained silent, hoping that Albert will advance while the superior officer incessantly dictated information.

- "It is very risky, this could have serious consequences" until finally he noticed the presence of Albert and exclaimed in that instant followed by a grimace of concern - "Of course! They are not accurate data!"

Albert knew that something was wrong, so he simply managed to light a cigarette and calmly advance to the map of operations, removed his rifle and positioned it on the desk. Finally he said with curiosity and enthusiasm:

- "What do we have now?"

Corneille had some coffee and referred to Albert seriously.

- "Baghdad. You must recognize a rebel facility and eliminate a local leader, something to drink?"

Hawk's face abruptly changed, and he gave due respect and arrogance to Corneille.

- "Something easy. Last time I had a couple of Apaches following me for five days. Tell me what's the trick this time?"

Corneille raised an eyebrow and looked at the superior officer, the latter also looked at Corneille as he crossed his fingers in a position of concentration and seriousness, with a tone of concern in his voice addressed Albert.

- "This mission will be different from the others. You will have to use a different precision rifle. And your target will be at approximately 1000 meters. The high activity of rebels in the area prevents a prudent and safe approach. You shoot from a tower of observation in front of the river to your target which will be in a moving car at low speed. Once you eliminate your target you must proceed to leave the area immediately. The problem really arises in the rifle model, it supports only approximately 457 meters of effective distance."

Albert surprised at the sincerity exclaimed with a arrogant tone.

- "Oh I see…they want me to do magic. They would have started from the beginning so I would have had time to prepare some other trick."

The Agent looked at the tactical map and exhaled eagerly while replying dubiously once again.

- "Well I accept."

Following that the Agent took a sip from a cup of his coffee, after a few seconds he started to wobble and fell unconscious on the floor.

Corneille stood up and looked at Albert's collapsed body at that precise moment he exclaimed an order.

- "Corvus Happy Journey. Proceed with the move."

A group of uniformed men appeared from different parts of the compound, took the unconscious body of the Agent and dragged him away.


24 hours later. I was in mid-flight, at that precise moment in which I became aware of my life, the damned fuselage of the plane it occurs to begin to squeak with pressure. Followed by the overwhelming sound of anti-aircraft batteries, I knew exactly what had just arrived at my destination. I looked up with exaltation and managed to see two rows of soldiers rising above their seats as they registered their weapons. Leaving the middle road for immediate or emergency deployment, it didn't matter. The objective was to achieve a successful transfer, but it was most likely that the plane would be pulverized at that precise moment by the resonant anti-air system in the area.

I tried to move and force the safety straps but they didn't budge. After the tormenting sound of anti-aircraft guns, the nauseating headache began from the drugs they used to pass out. I tried again to move and get free but with greater force however I only attracted the attention of the first officer in charge.

Finally I decided to ask with doubt and fervor even so knowing where I was.

- "Where do we go now?"

The officer seated in the first seat in the right row wore the usual black uniform with red patterns and two insignia, a pair of medals, and award plaques. He smiled as he unsheathed his weapon and exclaimed with greatness.

- "Soldier, welcome to Baghdad."

The main hatch opened and the uniformed men stood up in perfect sync. The last in line is heading toward the Hawk with a threatening stance and anger in his bulging voice.

- "This is not just any mission. We were informed at 1500 hours that the objective will cross the city in a car escorted by a convoy of FLC rebels. To top it off, we are being held by the local fortification, their main objective will be to neutralize to target TANGO 001 followed by positioning 350 meters from Watchtower 054 to Watchtower 092 and eliminate the FLC heavy infantry members who are holding us back. If you do not meet both goals, we will be here for at least 72 more hours. You are under my command, go with Dimitri to the intelligence area immediately. "

Finally he loads his gun and yells loudly.

- "We'll just kill the FLC rats. Don't die. I'd hate to recruit a fucking chick. GO!"

All the soldiers present on the plane loaded their weapons and advanced at high speed until they were positioned in the network of ditches that made up the previously improvised trenches. The officer in charge unleashes the Hawk and begins to run at high speed in the direction of the trench.

The first thing the Hawk saw when leaving the plane was a large cloud of dust that covered the entire city of the FLC, despite being made mostly of concrete and low-quality materials. Those of the FLC maintained a constant line of fire on the plane and the line of trenches. Hawk between the shots and the migraine only managed to duck his head and run towards cover, finally between the sounds of shots and explosions he managed to hear the pilot of the plane say on the radio with a tone of concern.

- "Guys I'm leaving, confirm when Tango 001 is down, over."

Then he began to pick up speed to retire. Hawk knew that things would go from bad to worse however in the midst of the confusion he just managed to make out a little shack with an antenna and he knew that that little elaborate intelligence center was where it should go. He ran at great speed until he reached the place.

Upon entering the only thing that distinguished was a series of drawers with ammunition of all kinds and two guys smoking cigarettes, the first with a bandage on his head and the second without an arm. Despite the severe amputation the guy still smiled and disliked his cigarette calmly, finally stood up.

- "Dimitri is waiting for you upstairs, tell me how many there are?"

Hawk didn't understand what he was referring to but said in a low and somewhat confused tone.

- "I was asleep the whole trip but about 20."

Following that affirmation the poor man's facial expression abruptly changed to a totally enraged one as he responded with anger.

- "20 fucking men and hope to repel a fortification of the FLC?"

Hawk ran up the stairs quickly without saying goodbye as he heard the man scream furiously.
- "I lost my fucking arm to bring 20 fucking men. SONS OF A BITCH!"

Finally Hawk followed the stairs and reached the third floor, the first thing he saw was that nonexistent wall which had apparently been destroyed by a rocket and in the middle of the room a young adult slightly older than Hawk, with a light brown complexion and short hair. Dark brown, despite wearing a military uniform, he looked quite sloppy and his dark circles were equally evident.

The man was standing with his hands on his waist expressing complete dominance over the situation, despite wearing the usual bureaucratic uniform this was with traces and spots reddish and brown on the sleeves, Albert looked attentively at the man and He was looking at a virtual map on a shoddy wooden table, he deftly replied with a glance as he raised an eyebrow. Next to that map was a file that said "IC Tango 001-FLC". A radio and laptop were connected to the antenna, which barely came out of a large hole in the wall.

The man turned his gaze in the direction of the Hawk who was still at the entrance, the man went with kindness and a little amazed which was reflected in his slight smile.

- "Welcome to Baghdad, come in calmly, they don't see us here, thanks to ShaDES technology. Okay, can I offer you a cigarette?"

Hawk was still nervous with that uncomfortable arrival, however those words would calm him for a few seconds until before he heard an explosion from an RPG and returned to his nervous state.
Albert entered the room carefully and observed next to the entrance a couple of plastic containers, he realized by their exact order that there were 5, however one in particular stood out more than the others, despite its slightly different color, the latter was more larger than the specimens, as if it were to be used to transport someone. However it didn't matter, Hawk focused on his mission and answered him.

- "Please the trip was a bit fast and I still can't digest it well. Dimitri, what's he doing here?"

Dimitri laughed as he turned to a more relaxed posture as he removed two cigarettes and handed one over to his former partner. Finally, as he lit his cigarette, he responded with encouragement and with a small tone of apparent nostalgia.

- "Corneille and happy trips… You know how much I hate being in an office all day, I prefer to be here between the shots and the trench."

Hawk failed to understand that it was good to be in a shabby shack and with the present risk of a shot or a rocket coming through that nonexistent wall. However Albert knew exactly about the nature of acid humor which was characteristic of Dimitri so sometimes he couldn't make out when it was a joke and when he was serious, the fucking sarcasm.

Finally Albert decided to light his cigarette to calm down and focus on the mission, as he smoked his cigarette his posture and facial expression became more relaxed and when the latter felt that it was time he addressed Dimitri calmly.

- "I understand that Tango 001 was escorted by a convoy, am I correct?"

The word convoy churned his stomach every time he heard it and said, however, every minute that passed became closer to reality itself.

Dimitri took a step toward his desk as he took a more serious stance and then began to move the virtual map until he reached the city where they were. Once the exact place was located, he began to draw a red line throughout the city while indicating to Hawk his mission.

- "Tango 001, will enter through the southeast of the city, we will maintain the attention of the FLC between the whole North to the Northwest, a quite important line of fire, so we must act by zones. A direct attack from our line of fire would remove Local Tango. However, we will force TANGO 001 to take two options, Southwest or West directly. For that you will position yourself in Watchtower Number 54 in the Center-North-West section which is marked in green. You will go up to the third floor to You will neutralize Tango 001. Finally you will abandon your position and turn to the Southeast, you will position yourself in Watchtower 96 and you will neutralize the members of the heavy infantry to give the lucky shot. "

Night Hawk was totally confused with so many orders so he simply said sincerely and somewhat hesitantly.

- "What if we just kill the members of the heavy infantry first?"

Dimitri somewhat annoyed took a quite dominant posture so he went with a fairly substantiated statement.

- "Because then Tango 001 will take Sur and we will lose the opportunity, for that reason it is that we do not advance: Because we are losing."

Hawk gave a deep burn to his cigarette while thinking in total trance and trying to memorize all that information, finally he addressed Dimitri with a totally serious expression and tone of voice and under total concentration which was normal to see in Albert before starting an operation. It was time to work and the Hawk was ready.

- "I have it, where is my equip?"

Dimitri smiled and simply stepped back as he removed a photograph from his pocket, cheerfully and in a clinical tone as usual.

- "This is Tango 001, your equipment is in the black containers, the others are not your business. One more thing… Hawk I will follow you at all times, do not fail…" - He said while handing over a radio to Hawk.

Hawk took it and headed to arm himself for that mission. He knew exactly what to do, but within his seriousness and concentration there was still the usual nervousness about that mission. Without thinking twice he took his gear and said frankly to Dimitri.

- "What road to take?"

Dimitri totally surprised to have forgotten, he returned to the table and traced the last path in blue.

- "I forgot. Cross the trench, reach the city, locate the building marked with the Corvus insignia and follow the path through the network of tunnels inside the building to Watchtower 54. Finally you eliminate Tango 001, you drop to the second floor you jump out the window to the building in front, once inside you go down the street and run to 96. There you will know what to do to return here. I'll be guiding you anyway. "

Hawk took a step toward the entrance and simply said in a friendly and comradely tone before leaving the room.

- "Understood, I hope to have good pay for this mission." - Accompanied by a laugh which was overshadowed by the roar of the explosions.